Stay on budget, get rewarded

01. The Problem

We get it, budgeting sucks.

How many times have you promised to try out a new budget, but it just didn’t stick? Or downloaded countless apps, just hoping to get your spending and saving under control?

02. The Solution

That’s why we made it fun!

Instead of feeling confused or guilty about how you're spending, we customize your budget to fit and reward you. That way, you can spend on autopilot while increasing your SwallyScore and cashing in on the best rewards.

01. Create custom budgets.

We automatically categorize your direct-deposits into spending categories. That way, you'll always spend in proportion to your unique goals and earnings.

02. With geo alerts, always know exactly how much to spend.

Future goals are reached through establishing good spending habits. With our alerts, you'll always stay in budget to reach your dreams.

03. Get rewarded with Swally Points.

Whenever you spend on budget, your SwallyScore will increase! Redeem your points with local vendors for the best deals in town.

Get the last budgeting app you’ll ever use.
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